SABA: South African Bow Hunters Association


SABA and the European Bow hunting Federation (EBF)

SABA is now officially affiliated to more than 20 European National Bow hunting organisations.

The European Bow hunting Association is very pleased by the fact that the South African Bow hunting association was interested in an associate membership. In our common goal to make hunting with bow and arrow a part of the modern hunting heritage and our strive to educate the common man as well as our hunter friends I am a firm believer in networking says EBA President Anders Gejer. 

The knowledge I have gathered when visiting and hunting in RSA in relation to the practise of using bow and arrow as a hunting tool have been stunning. The bow hunters in your nation have made great strides in developing the Bow hunting side on African game and set an excellent example in the region that has spread the use of bow and arrow as a modern and ethical hunting method. 

EBA was founded due to the lack of knowledge about Bow hunting in Europe and a need to set up a network for the interested parties. 

EBA is very happy to have the fortune to cooperate with you in the future.
The European Bow hunting Federation (EBF) promotes high ethical standards in a form of hunting that is tens of thousands of years old. Our mission is to inform the public and to provide a base of knowledge for guiding governmental or non-governmental organizations toward effective implementation of the art of hunting with the bow and arrow. To achieve this end, we strive to communicate the value of bow hunting as a tool for sustainable game management and improving ecological conditions and awareness. EBF also supports the acquisition of practical skills and understanding by educating individual hunters through internationally acclaimed courses specifically created for the needs of modern bow hunters. Bow hunting and why ? When choosing the bow and arrow as a hunting weapon, the bow hunter makes a conscious decision to forget many of the advantages modern technology offers in the area of equipment. As a consequence, the bow hunter needs to develop the skills necessary to approach and hunt the quarry at ranges much closer than the animal's normal reaction/escape distance. Further, the bow hunter needs to select, maintain and become proficient with equipment appropriate to the game hunted. Bow hunters are committed and ethical outdoor enthusiasts. They have chosen a deeper natural experience that requires more time to harvest the quarry, much like the angler who chooses fly casting and the challenges it brings. Challenge is the major reason for bow hunting. "A challenging way to hunt" or "requires more skill" consistently top the list of reasons why people take up bow hunting. As a result of the General Assembly in Italy this year the decision has been taken to change the name and logo for EBA. Previously the word Association was used which has been converted to a more correct nomenclature Federation. The future name will be: European Bow hunting Federation and the abbreviation will be EBF .
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