SABA: South African Bow Hunters Association



SABA 3D competition rules

Rules and Regulations Female and male classes, and broad head vs mechanical vs field points will still be used. However, all traditional archers will shoot in only one class; all cubs, all open, all crossbows, and all vintage hunters alike. The Open class will now include all bows with a stabilizer longer than 12".There is zero restriction regarding the bow's axle to axle measurement. Cubs and Vintage hunters may shoot in the "hunter" class by choice. This sounds radical, however if you read the next change it will make more sense. The more fundamanetal change is that a class will no longer be allocated to shoot from a specific peg. Instead everybody can shoot from any peg! Except for cubs and traditional hunters, the scoring will work like this: The killzone will have one value. The hart will no longer have a higher value than the lungs. We will have the area just above the hart (where you cut off the Aorta and other arteries and vanes) marked and that will earn you an additional X. On the peg closest tot the target, you will score only 1 point for a kill. On the furthest peg you will score 5 points for a kill. There will be 5 pegs with scores 1 to 5 respectively. For a miss you will score -2, and a wound -1. Cubs and traditional archers may also shoot now from any peg. However they will get 3 to 7 points (2 more) per peg for a kill. For a body shot they will score 2 points, and a miss 0. The reasoning is of course to rationalize the classes, and to provide a better hunt simulation. You can now select a peg more appropriate to your accuracy, and not be forced to shoot from a non-ethical distance. Your are now in control. Chances of a tie will be less, but we will resolve ties with the least wounds, then the most X shots, and then the furthest kill. We will require you to fill in the score on the row with the same number as the target for this purpose, meaning that if you shoot target 5 you fill the score in on row 5. Since you can now again score full points for a lung shot - full score as per peg, we will be putting the 5-peg more frequently at 45 to 55y. For cubs to shoot 80%, they will have to shoot all kills from the 2nd peg! Likewise for traditional hunters. For everybody else you will of course have to shoot all kills from the 4th peg. It also means your final score reflects not just your accuracy, but also your judgement thereof. SABA now expects you to make decisions... We believe this will create a very dynamic and more interesting experience.
Scoring System 1. Participants may shoot only one arrow from a demarcated shooting peg at each of the twenty 3D targets on the shooting range. 2. There are five shooting pegs from which a participant can shoot at a particular 3D target. The furthest or most difficult shooting peg to a target is marked “5” and the closest/easiest shooting peg to a target is marked “1”. Participants may choose the shooting peg (1 – 5) from which they want to shoot at a particular target. 3. A participant’s choice of shooting peg for a particular target determines the maximum score that the participant can attain for that target. The objective is to hit the “kill zone” marked on that target. When the “kill zone” is hit from the shooting point marked “5”, the participant will attain “5” points. Shooting point “4” earns “4” points; shooting point “3” earns “3” points; shooting point “2” earns “2” points; and shooting point “1” earns “1” point. 4. When the “kill zone” of a particular target is missed but the target is penetrated (Excluding horns and foam that is not part of the “animal” see point 5), the hit is regarded as a “wound”. The participant will then earn “-1” points regardless from which number peg the shot was taken. 5. When the target is missed, arrow not penetrating the target or the arrow penetrated a horn or foam that is not part of the “animal” the shot is regarded as a “miss”. Participant will earn “-2” points regardless from which number peg the shot was taken. 6. Inside the kill zone is a smaller marked area. This is the “Sweet spot” and is referred to X on the scoring system and card. The archer with the highest count of X shots is rewarded with a “Pot shot” medal (Traditionally called the heart medal). Should there be more than one archer eligible for this medal, the archer with the least amount of wounds and misses will receive it unless there is an archer in the hunting class which have an automatic higher ranking, that archer will receive it regardless of his/her amount of wounds and misses. 7. Medals are rewarded for 3rd,2nd and 1st place. In the case of a score tie, the archer with the least wounds and misses will win. Should the wounds and misses be equal then the X count (“sweet spot”) will be used. If that too is equal then the position (medal) will be shared. 8. Peg values for Cubs and Traditional Archers; 3 – 7 Peg values for Junior Archers; 2 – 6 Peg values for all other Archers; 1 – 5 Competition Rules 1. If the participant is shooting with a fix blade broadhead, the broadhead must have at least an 18 mm cutting diameter. If the participant is shooting with a mechanical broadhead, practice blades must be used and the bow setup must generate at least 65 ft-lbs Kenetic Energie 2. The participant must touch the shooting peg of their choice when shooting. 3. Only one arrow is shot at a target and scored. 4. No practice shots are allowed before or after a scoring arrow was shot. 5. Participants may not walk up to a target before shooting at that target. This includes the closer pegs. Once moved to a closer peg a participant may not move back to shoot from a further peg. 6. Participants may not modify any features on the course or at a particular target, for example, moving of branches. 7. Range Finders and Binoculars may be used in all classes 8. The arrow's shaft must only touch the line of the “kill zone” to score “kill” points. Same applies to the “Sweet Spot” area 9. Participants are not allowed to skip targets. Participants must follow the course starting at the allocated starting Target and ending at the Target before the allocated starting target (20 targets in total) 10. Participants must wait at demarcated waiting points to allow participants at that target to complete shooting and scoring. Once the group moves away, the group waiting can move to the target’s shooting “lane”. 11. No loud talking is allowed at waiting points and elsewhere on the course to allow all participants to deliver their best shooting performance. 12. Persons who have taken alcohol before the shoot will not be allowed to participate in the shoot. 13. No liquor or the consumption of beverages that contain alcohol is allowed on the shooting range SCORE CARDS MUST BE FILLED IN CORRECTLY - NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER SUBMISSION. Disclaimer: Targets are not always ethical for all. This is to educate hunters as what is, personal ethical limit. The course and the placement of the kill zones are at the discretion of the course officer alone.