SABA: South African Bow Hunters Association



Prizes on Offer!

We have lucky draw prizes available after every shoot. You must be present at the draw. The Hunt prize 2016 - 2 x R5,000.00 vouchers. How it works: You book your hunt where you like. Shoot what you want. First R5000.00 of your account SABA will pay. NB farmer/PH to invoice SABA! You return the invoice to us and we will settle it. Important that the invoice contains the banking details!! Rules: 1) You must be a paid up member at time of the shoot for results to count. 2) Only scores achieved in the Hunters class count. 3) You must have done at least 5 shoots for the year! 4) You should have an average above 70% for best four shoots this year. 5) For every shoot attended more than 5 shoots you receive 5% bonus, regardless of the category in which you shot. 6) You must be present at the prize draw to win.