SABA: South African Bow Hunters Association



Bow hunting Proficiency Certification

Although a PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE is not a prerequisite to bow hunt in all of the nine (9) provinces of South Africa, it could however be to the a bow hunter's advantage when hunting in certain regions. SABA places a high priority on sustainable utilization of all game, including fish. We believe to utilize only what we need in order for our descendants to have the same privileges. SABA introduced an ethical bow hunting education programme a few years ago to comply with INTERNATIONAL BOWHUNTING STANDARDS. SABA's education programme is in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) standards. The programme is presented by the association’s professional instructors. This education programme has been developed in order to ensure that bow hunting enthusiasts master excellent standards of safe and ethical bow hunting. The education programme stretches over a period of 1 day, including theoretical and practical sessions. The practical aspects test a participant’s ability to shoot from a variety of hunting positions in order to improve his/her arrow placement. The next BProC workshop will be held 24 May 2014 in Pretoria. You can register by clicking here... Current participants