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Hunt Info #1  

Date from* to (ex. 1 January 2010) Farm name* edit Province Limpopo

Animal and Shot Info #1 (list of shots made for this hunt)


Species* other Gender Maturity Trophy size (include units please) Carcass weight (include units please) Hunter's Notes:

The bow 

Bow Type Bow Poundage Broadhead   blades cutting dia inch, blade length inch. Total Arrow Weight gr Arrow Speed fps Arrow diameter inch

The shot

Hunt method Hunt Location at water at food at salt at game trail Shot placement (click on the picture to indicate the arrow's point of impact) Shot angle:
Downwards (as from treestand)

Level (as from W&S)

Upwards (as from pit blind)
Shot Type:

Q-Forwards (left)

Side On (left)

Q-away (left)

Q-Forwards (right)

Side On (right)

Q-away (right)
Penetration achieved Time to follow up minutes Recovery distance yards If not recovered (wounded), why would you think? bokkoors stringjump incorrect shotplacement pulled/pushed the shot no blood trail bad penetration too late - jackals Area hit: heart lung spine neck liver stomach other You may provide a link to a picture (for ex. on photobucket) click here to view the picture in a popup
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